Address main office:  37 Troitskiy ave, Arkhangelsk Russia
Tel./fax +7 (8182) 655008
The Solovki address: 1 Varyzhskaya Alleya 921 721 71 38
Number of visitors accomodated 116  E-mail:

Tourist Hotel Complex «Solovki» is situated in a green area one and a half km from the settlement of Solovetsky, on a picturesque bank of the Varazhskoye Lake.
Five cottages are for guests, they have 49 rooms for 116 persons. The Tourist Complex has its own well equipped area, a cafe refectory and a hall where an open fire burns. Meals are three times a day, dishes are all home-made.
The Complex comprises two one-storey cottag­es; You can rent bicycles, braziers, fishing and tourist equipment; and excursions can be booked.

You will never want to come back to the world of concrete houses. iron roofs and asphalt streets!